Rebuilding Lives Community Initiatives started on February 2016, as a Community Group, and became a registered Charity in 2021. Since then we have carried and successfully completed several community related projects.
From 2016 to 2017 we conducted research and a pilot program to study the impact of Children and Young peoplepoverty within the BAME community with special focus on families with single parents.
Based on the research,we learned that for a single parent, work is particularly impossible without Child care. Because, as the main carer and the main earner single parents cannot rotate shifts as do couple parents. This inevitably had led to reduced income coming into the family.
There was a serious lack of social cohesion and integration amongst the various ethnic groups, races, religions, etc. People of each race, religion, and ethnicity were only interacting with their kinds. This posed a serious challenge in the community cohesion especially with regards to our work of community building.
The culture was that of “us” and “them”. To mitigate this deterioration and complexity in our community relations we came up in 2017 with the project Social Cohesion and Integration Scheme (SCIS), which was carried out in partnership with Loveworld Bolton and Bolton Community Development Partnership. We provided training and mentorship to teens, single mums, and young people on community building and development.
This training and mentorship programme attracted people from various ethnic groups, religions, and races and they worked together as teams and friends. As many as 250 learners enrolled and benefited from that initial project. It was really a huge success.
Due to the success of the aforementioned project, we progressed to another project called Inner-city Step-up Educational Scheme (ISES). It was an After School Home Work Activities for children and young people.
In addition to ISES, we also provided Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG), pre-employment support for the unemployed, training and mentorship for parents on how to support their children’s education. Hence Social Cohesion and Integration Scheme (SCIS)progressed to Inner-city Step-up Educational Scheme (ISES) seamlessly.
Towards the ending of 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 crisis that necessitated government lockdowns and restrictions leading to so many sufferings and hardships in our community especially among the elderly, single mums, and the vulnerable, we began to make consultations on the way forward for these people.
So, in early 2021, we came up with a response with this project COVID-19 CRISIS RESPONSE SUPPORT PROGRAM (CCRSP)in partnership with the National Lottery Award for All.CCRSP was designed to provide camaraderie advice and support for the elderly and vulnerable in our community who were adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, CCRSPcreated a platform for us to distribute essential material relief to them such as milk, toothbrushes/ toothpaste, shampoos, sanitary towels, baby foods, and nappies for single Mums struggling with their little ones.
Equally, In order to provide camaraderie, advice/support to elderly, vulnerable, and single parents within my community we created an online strategic streaming service to help us maintain contact with our beneficiaries as well as increase our reach and engagement with them and other potential users.